Operate More Efficiently, Effectively and Competitively

The independent medical practice reimbursement process is complicated at best, even to those of us with years of experience. Relia-Source’s aggregated buying power provides you with access to best-in-country pricing as well as the tools to discern between acquisition price and profit margin, which is vital information for your practice’s survival.

How that Benefits Health Care Providers

With escalating operational costs and reimbursement rates changing frequently, many members don’t realize how much money they’re losing — and how easy it is to capture this revenue. Relia-Source arms you with this knowledge and provides the advanced analytics you need to track margin and payor fluctuations, optimize every inventory interaction and turn revenue losses into significant savings.

How this Impacts Patients

Unfortunately, practices that lose money don’t last long. That means your patients have fewer or no near-by options for quality care, more inconvenience in accessing that care, and less expertise available. We’re in the business of helping your business — so you can continue to care for your patients.

Community Touchpoint

Working with Relia-Source promises benefits for the entire healthcare community.

Our Model - Providers    Providers

Save time and aggravation

  • No more wasted time managing your inventory, on the phone with insurance companies or tied-up in the billing process
  • Reporting tools to capture lost revenues
  • Aggregated buying power that provides access to best-in-country prices
  • High quality products that best suit your needs
  • Inventory management streamlining
  • Prior authorization protocols

Our Model - Patients    Patients

Receive your highly individualized treatment in a comfortable, convenient environment (either your doctor’s office or at home), rather than in a hospital